February 1, 2011

Copycat of the Insane Writer

I was checking out the new Google instant preview to see how my blog stands up to it, when I noticed another writer is going by The Insane Writer. Hmmm. Too damn bad I can't copyright the name, but it's a common one, so I have to laugh, cry, smile and smirk about the incident.

Just goes to show if you use something as simple as The Insane Writer, someone else can use it too. But if you have something as unique as Shyan Marie, copyright it if you can. I know that celebrities have been snatching up their names for websites even if they don't use them, just in case someone tries to buy it and use it for their own sinister purposes, or not. And a few like Leonardo Dicaprio have gone as far as suing the pants off places using their names to gain business. Can't say I blame those celebs. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at silent_beautie@yahoo.com She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter.

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