January 5, 2011

A Way Out

They were both handcuffed to pine beds, bloodied and bruised from what she assumed was caused by their kidnapper."We have to get out of here." She took a step toward them and surveyed the room for anything that might help her free them from the handcuffs.

"No. Go." The woman shook her head and pushed herself back against the wall as if she was afraid of her.

"But I can help you." Alayna said.

Again the woman shook her head. "No. It's too late to help us. Go before he finds you."

Alayna swallowed her pride, nodded and moved down the hallway until she saw what looked like a window in a bathroom just above the bathtub. A way out. It was a way out.

She started to head for the bathroom door when she heard the woman scream. She stopped, frozen in fear. Then she heard footsteps, another scream and felt hands grabbing her from behind, pulling her into another room, into the darkness.