January 3, 2011

A New Job

Soon it may be time to start thinking about a new job. I'm not really expecting the one I currently have to last for very much longer. At one time in my life I actually considered something like banking careers, or a bank teller at the very least, but times have changed and a job is a job as long as it brings in enough money.

I use to believe that doing what you love as a job is best, but with my mood off balance, I Don't Think So!

Now what I did do not too long ago was apply for a job at my favorite clothing store here in Independence, KS, because at that time they were hiring. I even had an interview with them, but I'm guessing they chose not to hire me for the same reason my home away from home did, because I'm coming from a full-time job and going to a part-time job, and they feared if another full-time job became available I'd leave. I was actually told that!

Well, as it turns out whoever both places hired, quit a few weeks later and now the clothing store is back to hiring again. I however, am not going to apply again. If they have no faith in their potential employees, then I have no faith in them. Maybe I will consider a bank job if one becomes available.