January 12, 2011

The Identity Rough Draft

This is just a run through of a novel I was considering writing in the future. Keep in mind, it's a rough draft.

Possibility for the novel The ID.

Beginning three grade school kids. Two are watching from the monkey bars as another is being hauled away in a police car. The two watching are a boy and a girl and the boy says under a mumbled breath that he is glad that the other boy is going away. The girl knows the reason why the boy is going away and she feels badly for the boy. But then the other boy suddenly starts laughing as he sees the boy being handcuffed and admits that it was all a lie and the boy is innocent and if she tells anyone she'll be dead. The girl fears him, but then there is a sudden sadness as she watches the innocent boy's eyes turn to sadness. She looks down and when she looks up again he is gone. Fast forward to several years later. The girl is almost grown up. She's had a rough life and now lives with her aunt and uncle. The bad boy still wants to be in her life, but she wants nothing to do with him. His grandmother is good friends with her aunt and uncle and this gets him in good with them allowing him to persuade them into letting him take her out on a date. Before all of this however she is awakened by the sound of a motorcycle starting right outside of her bedroom window and she goes to investigate. There is no one there. Then the night of the date as she gets into bad boy's car she hears a motorcycle starting and she realizes that the motorcycle is following them, but she says nothing to bad boy about it. The bike follows them to the club and she begins to worry. As the night progresses she tells bad boy (Andy) that she wants to go home. And when she first enters the club she spots a guy with long who looks very familiar to her, but she can't place where she has seen him before. He turns toward her and then turns away. He says no and to relax, but she refuses. He thrusts a drink into her hand and she tries to push it away her mind worrying about the motorcycle. Someone thrusts a soda in front of her and she decides to drink that and head home without Andy. As she heads for the door, Andy stops her and tells her that if she'll give him a few minutes that he'll take her home, but she wants to leave now. She swallows the last of her drink and shoves the glass at him and tells him she's leaving now. He argues with her and grabs her by the wrist. She struggles with him and tells him to let her go. He refuses and pulls her away from the exit and through the crowd with a struggle. He is stopped by the tall guy with long dark hair who tells him to let her go. He argues with him, but since the guy towers over Andy, Andy changes his mind and decides to back down. Not without reason however. In his own thoughts he's gone to get help. The guy disappears into the crowd before she is able to get a good look at him. She sighs a relief however and turns to leave. She starts for the exit, but she becomes dizzy and blacks out before then. The first time she wakes up it is very dark and she hears moaning all around her. She tries to get up, but she is pinned and she realizes Andy is above her. She racks him and gets free. The nearest light leads to a back hallway where she finds all of the doors are locked but one. She hides in the darkness of the room as Andy looks for her. He stops at her door and fumbles with the doorknob which she has accidentally locked. When she hears the footsteps fade away she relaxes for a moment until she realizes she's not alone in the room. She panics and fumbles for a light switch. When she finds it she realizes it's the same guy who had rescued her earlier. He is leaning against the wall and as she starts to speak he slides to the floor and that's when she sees the stab wound. She rushes over to help him and as she does they hear footsteps running back down the hall and Andy's voice booming outside of the door knowing they are both in there. He curses at her and leaves once again. Turning back to him she tries to help him with his wound when he whispers no time and has her help him stand and they slip out of the club before Andy can come back with his buddies again. They don't get too far before he tries to pass out on her and she finds a motel close by. She also finds some money in his pockets and pays for the motel. Then she gets him inside and he passes out. She leaves to get some pain medication and other supplies for him. She comes back and tends to his wound as best as she can and then stays with him as he runs a fever and sleeps through the pain. When he wakes he questions where they are and she tells him what happened. He panics and tries to get up to leave, but he's too weak for now and she argues with him about trying to leave. He explains that her family must be worried about her being gone and she tells him differently. In his thoughts he had not realized her aunt and uncle were that bad. He had known about her parents dying, but he had thought her aunt and uncle would care for her as they should. She asks him about his own life curious as to why he looks so very familiar, but he changes the subject and tells her to get some sleep since she's been up taking care of her. She does so realizing she is very tired, but soon she awakened by nightmares. He comforts her, but tries to keep his distance as well to protect both of them. His thoughts, the very first moment he saw her in the hallways at school he was in love with her and when she cried as he was put into the police car he knew she was his angel. Then here he thinks about his past and what has happened since then and why he has come back. When he realizes how badly Andy has hurt her he becomes angry and tells her he won't let him hurt her. She smiles through the tears and caresses his face, but he suddenly pulls back. She is hurt by his reaction. She finally falls asleep but not before he hears the tears and it leaves him in his own world of pain. The next morning he awakens only to find she is heading for the bathroom. She is only in a t-shirt and he watches her walk and is in love all over again. Meanwhile she stands in front of the mirror wondering what is wrong with her. She wonders why he reacted the way he did and why her aunt and uncle treat her the way they do. She starts the shower and all of the nights events of the party come back to her and she slides down into the floor in tears. The next thing she knows he is there picking her up off of the shower floor as she shakes uncontrollably and breaks down again. He takes her to the bed and sits her down there. Then he gets a towel and wraps her in it and tells her he is sorry that he never meant to hurt her. She tries to tell him he didn't, but he knows better and he wipes the tears away and kisses her. It's as far as he goes before he realizes he cannot hurt her and backs away. He tells her he has to go. Then he kisses her again and he leaves. But she decides to follow him and when she does she realizes he is heading back to the club. Meanwhile his thoughts are lost to her and he doesn't realize she is following him. At first he's decided to just leave and try to forget her, but he can't and decides he's going to go back for her after he takes care of what he has to take care of. Before he goes into the club though she stops him angry, and wants to know why he is there. He grabs her, pulls her into the shadows and asks her if she's crazy? Then without hesitation he pulls her into a kiss until he realizes how much danger she could be in and hears sirens in the distance. He grabs her and starts to run, but they are surrounded by cops and arrested. Detective Johnson wants to know about Matt, but she refuses to tell him anything. Finally they must let her go home. But the detective is back and wants answers this time. He tells her Matt's last name and in the back of her mind she knows that name from somewhere but can't put her finger on it at the time where. Then he tells her her aunt and uncle are pressing charges for kidnapping. Despite what she knows she tries to tell them about Andy what has happened with him, but they refuse to listen to her. Then she overhears the other cop tell the detective they have Matt in custody. Back at the station Detective Johnson interigates Matt. He tries to get Matt riled up, but it doesn't work. Meanwhile back at the house her aunt and uncle argue with her about Matt and Andy. Her uncle ends up locking her in her room. She cries herself to sleep thinking about how she came to be with her aunt and uncle. Into the night the door opens and she awakens to it. When the shadow leans over her bed she starts to scream until a hand covers her mouth and she recognizes Matt's voice. She questions how he knew where she lived and how he got in, but he doesn't answer and instead he leans forward and kisses her. Then he pulls away and tells her to get dressed so that they can leave. Her uncle questions in another part of the room what all the noise is. Matt grabs Allie and they disappear thru the window just as her uncle heads for herroom. They run a ways and down the block where he has parked his bike out of sight and out of hearing. He tells her to get on his bike, but she suddenly freezes up remembering the stranger who has followed her on the bike. She backs away and starts to run, but he stops her. "You've been following me!" "Allie." "Who are you?" "Get on the bike." "Who are you?" She jerks away from him angry. He grabs for her again. "get on the bike!" She backs away even further and shakes her head. "Please." He says. There is a saddness in his eyes, a saddness she suddenly recognizes and a name, his name she suddenly remembers. It's as if time has suddenly stood still. She reaches out to him and traces his face. She remembers that day that he was taken away. He places his hand on hers and tears form in her eyes. Then she asks, "Why did you come back?" "Why do you think." He answers. He kisses her hand then leans forward and wipes her tears away. "Hey it's ok." He says. She nods not knowing why, but trusting in him completely. "Come on, let's get out of here." He says finally. He steps toward his bike and hands her his helmet. She puts it on and he climbs onto the bike and pulls her on behind him. "I have to go back to the club." He says. 'What?" She questions. "There's something I need to do." He says. They head for the club and thoughts run thru Allie's head wondering why Matt needs to go to the club. She also has unanswered questions of why he was wounded, etc. and wonders if going back to the club has something to do with that. She suddenly starts to worry about that, but they've made it to the club and he tells her to wait outside. She starts to argue when he gets off his bike, turns towards her, kisses her and tells her that he loves her leaving her speechless. Then he disappears into the club. She decides to follow. She loses him somewhere in the crowd, but she is stopped by Donald. He's drunk and angry and wants to know why Allie is back. When she tries to get away from him he hits her. She is stunned for a moment until she sees a blurred figure step in between. When she realizes it's Matt and Donald has left she breathes a sigh of relief. He jerks her away from there thru the crowd telling her he told her to stay outside. Then he stops when they are safely away and checks her where Donald hit her asking her if she's alright. She nods as he reminds her again that he told her to stay outside. She tries to explain that she was worried about. He tells her she doesn't need to worry and she argues with him that she does and when he argues again that she doesn't she replies that she does because she loves him. There is silence and she's afraid that she has said too much and her thoughts are that she never meant for those words to come out. He turns away and she questions his name, but he doesn't respond and instead she hears Donald stopping him. Matt grabs her hand and pulls her up behind him. When Matt asks what Donald wants and Donald tells him to get rid of Allie or the deal is off Allie suddenly begins to wonder what kind of trouble Matt is into. She feels Matt's hand gripping tighter into hers as he tells Donald "No deal." There is a long pause of silence and then Donald finally walks away. She suddenly feels Matt jerk her forward and realizes they are running. But he suddenly stops and she realizes they are surrounded by what she assumes are security from the club. There is a struggle and she finds herself being ripped apart from Matt. It has come to Donald's attention of just who Allie is thanks to Andy. He was also curious about Matt and him checked out. He learns Matt is not who he says he is, but there is no true identity for him either. They are brought back to Donald's private office in the club where Donald is waiting. They are held at gunpoint by Donald's security. Andy is there as well, but hiding in the shadows. When Matt asks why Donald has brought them there, Donald tells them why they are there and as soon as he mentions his cousin, Andy steps out of the shadows. Without hesitation he walks up to Allie and places a hand on Allies face. Allie struggles to get free and Matt struggles as well telling Andy if he gets his hands on him he'll kill him. Andy snears at Matt then faces Allie, holds her head still and kisses her hard on the lips. He looks again at Matt and Allie spits in Andy's face. His quick reaction is to slap Allie in the face and call her a bitch. Matt fights even harder and tells Andy he's dead. Andy laughs and pulls a blade from his pocket and presses against Allie's throat causing Allie to scream. Donald shouts "Enough." He then turns his attention to Matt and tells him he has no idea what to do with the two of them, however the deal still must go thru. So he says he will make a compromise. If the deal goes thru then Allie will be just fine, if not he'll let Andy do as he pleases with her. Matt agrees to do what Donlad asks. Secretly however Donald has no intention of letting Allie go or either of them for that matter. He knows they both know too much already. He motions for his security to take Allie out of the office and as soon as she is gone he tells Matt he'll send one of his men with him just to make sure the deal goes through. He tells Matt again what needs to be done and how long he has to do it in. Then he motions for the guards to escort Matt and out of his office and tells one of his security to go with him. As soon as Matt and the man are outside of the club, Matt wanders off in his mind to what he has to do to save Allie, but in the back of his mind he also knows that when this is all done, the man is done. The only reason he hasn't killed him yet is because the man has to check in every so often with Donald and if he doesn't he knows that Allie will not live. He also has a doubt in his mind that Donald will let Allie live anyway. The only reason he has kept her alive for this long is because Donald knows Matt won't take care of things otherwise. So Matt knows Allie is safe for now. Growing up Matt got associated with the local cops and other areas as well. Enough that he was part of the FBI until a drug deal went bad and his friend/partner/father figure was killed and Matt was blamed since he's a newbie. so he dissapeared and vowed to find Donald who had ordered his friend to be killed. Only Donald doesn't know Matt was working with the FBI. Matt wasn't suppose to go because he was a rookie in the first place and too new to go into a drug bust, but his friend had insisted and said he was ready. He went overheads and had matt go anyway instead of anyone who was more experienced than Matt was. But after his friend was killed Matt realized there was more going on than just a drug bust and his friend had wanted him to go for a reason. So the only way for Matt to find out what was going on was to get involved with Donald. He had antispated finding out what was going on the night Allie found him. He had known where she lived. When he came back to town he had followed her home and watched her for a while. Then when he realized Andy was seeing her he never left her sight and put Donald aside for a moment. Then when he realized Allie was going to DOnald's club he knew she was going to be in trouble, so he had tried to stop Andy and Andy had stabbed him and left him for dead to go and find Allie. That's when Allie found Matt instead and Andy realized she must have found Matt, been with him the whole time and informed DOnald about it. Donald could have anyone else do the deal he needed, but Matt said he knew the guy personally and could get a really good deal on the drug supply, so Donald had him checked out and truth ringed out thanks to a few friends he had known growing up. So everything was set into place until Allie came into the picture and he had to get her out. Now he was making a phone call and the deal would be going through with his friends help. And then when the deal went through and Donald's goon made his phone call, Matt would kill the man.

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at silent_beautie@yahoo.com She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter and you visit her official website at www.theinsanewriter.com.

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