December 15, 2010

Keep Your Balance Paid

A few days ago my aunt and I were discussing credit cards and using them during tough times.While it's tempting to rely on a line of credit to make it through hard times, it's not always a wise decision.

Many credit card companies are taking advantage of the economy by charging extra fees and raising the interest rate on purchases. And even if you think your card has a very reasonable interest rate, keep in mind that while it's tempting to put that fast food night out on your card, what was a simple $10 meal could very well turn into an expensive $100 meal if you're not careful.

However, having a positive line of credit can be a good thing when it comes to apply for some jobs and even renting a home. It can also help when there is a true emergency and you need a little extra money before payday arrives. It's when you decide not to pay the balance right away that the trouble starts.

Keep your balance paid and your credit card can become a positive advantage. Don't pay your balance and you're setting yourself up for a trouble of debt. Believe me, I've been there and done that, and it's no fun!