November 30, 2010

Rich & Lost in Prosperia -A Simple Story of Market Economics

As a writer, I've had my fair share of reading technical articles that would bore many of us to tears. As a mom, I have been just as bored as everyone else when it comes to that sort of stuff. That's why when I was asked to review, "Rich & Lost in Prosperia", A Tropical Tale of Market Economics, it caught my interest.

With the economy still in dire need of repair, many of us have chosen to tighten our budgets and rely on the cheapest brands out there, in order to survive in this insane world. "Rich & Lost in Prosperia" by Doramas Jorge-Calderon, explains just how the economy works in the form of a story, instead of the technical (yawn) talk, so we have a better understanding of how a business works and doesn't work.

The book tells the story of how two young entrepreneurs living on a tropical island, decide to persue their dreams of running their own business and making money. Along the way, they learn the true meaning of how a business is ran, and how it can fall.

One thing I must say, while the book does make economics a little easier to understand, it is not meant to be novel rich in detail. In addition, there were still certain parts of the book that I needed to reread in order to better understand how a business venture works.

Even so, "Rich & Lost in Prosperia" is well worth the read for those of us who want a better understanding of how a business and our economy works. In addition, I'm thinking this book would be a great read for my teenage sons who want to know more about the economy.

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