November 19, 2010

The Past

When I was about 9, I remember trying to hide behind the monkey bars, watching in the distance as the boy Ronald Martin had lied to the principal of our school about, was being escorted to a police car for something he didn't do.

Ronald who had been there beside me, had threatened to beat me up if I told anyone the truth. The boy whose name is just barely out of reach, had been accused of breaking into the school and vandalizing it. Ronald, who happened to be the true vandalizer, hated the boy for what reason, I can't remember. But, seeing the image of him being put in that police car, has haunted me to this day.

Yet, there was something else, and at first I thought I was seeing things out of the guilt of knowing the truth. But, now I'm not so sure. That day at the monkey bars, right before he was put in the police car, I thought I saw him look my way and smile, as if he'd known I was there all along.

And then yesterday morning, that same familiar face that I will never forget, was starring up at me on his motorcycle outside of my apartment window. I could have sworn it was him. I could swear he was back, only now he's all grown up and somehow he knows where I live.

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