November 18, 2010

The Meeting. A Short to a Story I Am Working On

The muscular, balded man, put on the julbo sunglasses and pushed open the coffee shop's door. Before he'd even stepped inside, he knew were staring at him. Wondering why the sunglasses inside and why today when the sun was in hiding and Mother Nature's skies threatened rain.

He had no choice. He needed to stay hidden from the world. If the people knew, he would be shunned. Attacked. But that did not matter as much as the woman sitting in a corner booth of the shop, alone, mattered. She was waiting, hoping and as he approached her table, she looked up with a shy smile.

"I told you I would be here." He said. She nodded and traced the rim of her coffee cup that sat on the table in front of her.

"You know I can't have you interfering with my plans." He said. Again she nodded, then picked up the cup , drank its contents and slowly set the cup back down.

"So you're ready to die?"He asked with a heavy sigh. It was going to be difficult for him. She was after all his flesh and blood, his sister, his twin. He took the sunglasses off of his face and set them on the table, then revealed the blade he'd had hidden inside the shirt of his sleeve.

He watched her eyes shift to the blade and started to smile in the pleasure of her fear, when he realized she had not flinched, had not shown that fear he loved and fed on in his victims. Instead, she showed no fear, something he pondered why until suddenly her eyes shifted to her lap as she brought her right hand up to reveal her own weapon of choice. A long sword he'd recognized on the wall of their father's study.

"I'm stopping you brother. No more killing. No more victims. It ends right here." He let out a laugh that echoed through the small coffee shop. His sister stop him? Ha she was just a librarian. Scared of everything, of everyone. Scared of the world they lived in.

He had nothing to fear. But as soon as those words crossed his mind, she shifted her gaze once more and a look of pure dark hatred stared back at him. She was not ready to die.

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