November 19, 2010

I Use to Love the Smell of a Good Cigar

Over the years, I've had to learn to tolerate smoking. And back in high school, believe it or not, I actually smoked for a short while until I learned I was pregnant with my oldest son, Chris. Now today, I can't stand to be around smoke of any kind, even though I didn't use to mind those who smoked products like Dutch Master cigars. In fact, my grandfather, whom I was very close to, was a cigar smoker.

But now, even those bother me and I can always tell when someone has been smoking. I can even tell when they have it in their clothes. And forget being near anyone who's smoking because most of the time I find myself hacking up a lung or two.

And yes, I understand it's an addiction, but I wonder how can they do it? I mean what if you have kids? My husband actually stopped smoking around the kids and in the house because he understands it's not good for them. Heck, it's not good for anyone!

I'll be quite honest, while I don't believe smoking should have been banned from places like bars, I'm glad it's been banned everywhere else! Okay, I think I've put enough of my two cents in for today.