November 18, 2010

Handmade or Store Bought for the Holidays?

Years ago when my time was not so precious, I would create handmade Christmas cards with my kids using Christmas tree rubber stamps and other crafting items (Yes, this insane writer has many talents). Of course, in reality the cost was more most store bought cards, but the results were much more personal. I even went as far as making homemade fudge for family and friends to go along with our cards.

This year, I will probably choose once again to go with the store bought version, simply because it's a lot more economical. Yep, show me a cheap version for less than a dollar for 10 or more cards and I'll show you my handcrafted results this Christmas on here.

Okay, enough about my crafting abilities. What about you? Are you going to personalize your holiday cards this year, or will you buy a store bought version?

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