October 26, 2010

Science Experiements and Putting up With Jerks

Umm hgh human growth hormone products that fight against aging naturally? I don't believe it! But should you want to see for yourself, then do a little research and you may be as intrigued, yet shocked as I am.

I honestly wonder why women would want to turn back the hands of time just to impress their guy. Now don't get me wrong on this, it's one thing to want to look nice for your guy, but if he can't except the fact that you're growing old and wants you to do something about it or you've suggested on your own that you'll do something about it, you need to boot him right out the door.

Women make so many sacrifices when it comes to trying to please a man. They will bend over backwards just to get their attention and take his BS when he says, he doesn't like the way you look. And we wonder why our daughters have such little self-esteem. Seriously hun, he's just not worth it.