October 5, 2010

Here's What I Know Again

The best appetite suppressants are those that don't contain man-made ingredients, just nutrients from mother nature. Now generally I take a link like this and incorporate it into a story, but my characters are telling me this isn't their thing, which I have to agree!
So instead, I'm just going to express my opinion on the subject and you can decide for yourself whether it's worth it or not.

First off, anything that isn't made by mother nature should not be ingested into your body with an exception of a real medication prescribed by a doctor such as an antibiotic. But as far as how we eat and what we do to manage our body's image, chemicals and artificial ingredients should not be included.

Our ancestors did things Mother Nature's way, so I'm not sure why it's s damn hard for us to do the same. Maybe it's because we've taken a lazy approach to everything. It used to be you'd spend the day working the fields, cooking and cleaning and your fun was spent spending time with the family on Sundays after church.

Now we sit around consuming prepackaged foods and sitting in front of the boob tube til we fall asleep or play video games because we have no life whatsoever. Seriously people, What the hell happened?