September 3, 2010

Tried, a short from another story I am working on

What they classified as healthcare industry jobs were rare, far, few and in between. A doctor didn't want to be involved with the government's so-called cure for the criminally insane. They didn't want to be responsible for a human implantation file if anything were to ever go wrong. That was exactly what had happened when they'd implanted her brother with one.

The file had to have malfunctioned. A month after implanting it, they'd set him free. A week later and he was back on a killing spree. She'd tried to tell them, tried to fight the system, but her pleas had went unheard and now the city, the world was in a panic.

There was no police force to protect them, no guns to stop him. They weren't necessary the government claimed. Well, they sure the fuck were necessary now!