September 9, 2010

Seventh Generation

More and more moms like myself have been going green when it comes to what we clean with. Some of us are choosing products as simple as vinegar and baking soda for our cleaning needs, while others are using greener products like Seventh Generation. and while we love the idea of a greener home to keep our kids safe, moms know that schools are no exception to a greener cleaner environment.

And just recently I was one of those mom's lucky enough to receive a Seventh Generation pack for my kids' school, thanks to Seventh Generation (of course!) and Myblogspark.

My package included, two containers of wipes for wiping down desks and counter-tops at school, a bottle of spray for even more cleaning and those bigger, messier jobs, a roll of paper towels to clean up spills quickly a box of tissues, which are always handy when the cold and flu season comes around and a carrying bag to hold all of the products with ease.

So what do the teachers think? Well, it's the very beginning of the school year here for us, so the messes have yet to really begin, but I'm very sure there will be no complaints about this great product when it is put to the test. Thank you Seventh Generation and Myblogspark!

Want to know more about Seventh Generation and germs? Check out this insane video!

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