September 24, 2010

Outer Banks Bringing Good Things to Real People

She stood in front of the beautiful beach home and smiled. She had Outer Banks rental homes to thank for the gorgeous summer home and her boss to thank for the vacation time.

Now all she needed was a delicious meal to settle her stomach's hunger protests and she would be all set to check out the Outer Banks area and it's absolutely stunning scenery and start her new life.

But first, maybe a dip in the private pool she'd heard so much about from the brochures would be nice! And as she rounded the corner, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared. She must have been dreaming. Surely she was. She blinked and focused her attention on what had made her stop and stare.

Staring back at her was actor Keanu Reeves who was standing near the pool, soaking wet from an obvious recent swim.

"Umm hello. I think maybe I have the wrong beach rental."

But actor shook his head then smiled as he said, "Outer Banks, thought you might enjoy a celebrity blind date as part of your package."

"What? Wow, ohh umm yes! Definitely yes!"

And then he walking towards her as he said, "This is 109.5 the buzz and you're listening to the K Ryan Show."

"What?" She stared in confusion at her dream date until she realized it was just that a dream! She sat up in her bed and turned her attention to her favorite radio station that had just let her know it was time to get up for work. But wow what a dream. Then she smiled. If only Outer Banks did include such a package! How nice that would be!