September 20, 2010

The Missing Moment

The ephedra diet pills she'd taken had made her drowsy beyond belief. She'd never known a diet pill to make anyone sleepy and she'd been taking the pill for several months without any problems, so something was definitely not right.

The last thing she remembered before she'd drifted off to sleep was the small get-together with friends that her husband had planned. He had been absolutely insistent on throwing the party in her honor after forgetting her birthday, even though she hadn't wanted it. And you couldn't say no to him unless you wanted trouble.

After taking the pills, the next thing she knew she was dizzy and drowsy, then had woken up on the bathroom floor. Now here she was staring back at her reflection in the mirror, still groggy from the pills when she heard the bathroom door open and saw her husband's stunned face staring at her.