September 20, 2010

I've Been Getting a Little Green Lately

This post brought to you by Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

I haven't been feeling very well and I'm now wondering if it's due to some of the chemicals our bodies are enduring. No matter how much we deny it, what we eat, drink and use can hurt our bodies. I mean think about it, our ancestors never had this problem, now did they?

So why don't we do something like the Reuse Challenge and for 30-days take the challenge and don't buy into using those paper cups we drink our coffee at work from or the water bottles we pick up at the local gas station or the Styrofoam and paper or plastic food containers we get for lunches at work or takeout to bring home leftovers in.

It's a challenge already happening by 9 families who will be blogging about it on the Reuse Challenge Website, so why don't we join them? I mean seriously, it wouldn't be that difficult. I already reuse the plastic container I take my lunches in everyday. The little baggies that my teas come in get reused for small leftovers in the fridge and homemade mixed spices. It's saved my trash can and my husband the heartache of having to take out the trash as much as he use to and in under a month. Yay, go me!

And the Reuse Challenge feels the same way. They're taking their favorite mug to work for coffee, eating their lunches from reusable containers and drinking water from reusable bottles with Aladdin products that make it easy to do so. And guess what? If you accept and Do The Reuse Challenge, you can get discounts and free shipping on selected Aladdin products through their website at:, so how insane is that?

So how about it. Are you ready to get involved and accept the Challenge at: http://www.dothereusechallenge…? If not, why don't you want to join? It doesn't cost anything for you to switch that coffee cup or bring your own reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go. So what are you waiting for? Why not join everyone else, show your boss, your co-workers, family and even strangers what a little change can do to make our environment much greener and clear up our landfills.

Really, you can do it, just check out the stats below and let's change things one step at a time:

● Seven million barrels of oil are used to produce the disposable bottles Americans go through in one year.
● In the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second.
● It costs about $165 a year to make drip coffee at home versus $636 to buy drip coffee at your local café.
● Unless we change our habits, 23 billion paper coffee cups will be thrown out in 2010.
● Nine dollars will generally cover a decent lunch out. If you buy rather than pack a lunch five days a week, you shell out about $2,350 a year.

Okay, so I bet you're wondering if I am planning to take the Challenge. I already am in my own way. I take a reusable water bottle to work, I use recycled coffee cups and my own mug at home for coffees and teas and so much more as I mentioned earlier in this post. And I will continue to do so and continue to reuse and recycle and even be a part of the Aladdin experience by connecting with them on their Facebook page at: Aladdin on Facebook. Will you?

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