July 13, 2010

Name That Website

Have you ever wanted to create a website name like multiplevitamins.net, but just wasn't quite sure where to begin?

When I first decided to create a website name, I was totally clueless on how to really go about creating a great niche for it. In fact, I never really even understood what a niche really was. What I did was chose a website based on my writing pen name and then threw up everything under the son, but my writing work on the site itself. Big mistake if you want to really get noticed!

I mean think about it, if you're planning to sell baby products, you wouldn't want to use a website name that had the words multiple vitamins in it, would you? nope, you'd want a product that had to do with vitamins!

You should also go for a popular niche and vitamins is very hot. There are a lot of want to get healthy people out there and they want the best products on the market to help them get healthy!

And finally, when choosing a website name, be sure that it's within reasonable length. Your visitors don't want to have to remember, let alone type in a website name that's a mile long! So keep it short or chances are they'll move on to someone else!