July 29, 2010

Is It Really Worth It?

When I first bought mt laptop, I was offered extended laptop warranty, but I never considered getting it.

Recently however,I discovered that my left shift key is no longer working. It's frustrating because I'm constantly using my left shift key, so I'm having to training myself to use the right one instead.

But, what's even more frustrating is the fact that when you buy a warranty, you never use it and when you don't buy one, you end up needing it. Eventually I'll end up doing one of two things, either fixing my laptop or just leave it be until I buy a new one.

Now, the question is, have I learned my lesson and will I be purchasing a warranty the next time I buy a new laptop? Nope. I'm known as a tightwad when it comes to things for myself and I would rather use that extra money on more important things like groceries.

If my laptop needs to be fixed, I'll fix it myself or hire a professional to do it. What about you? Do you purchase extended warranties for your big ticket items? Is it worth it in your opinion?