July 31, 2010

How Safe is a Safer Alternative

Did you know that phentramine is considered a safer alternative to the diet pill phentermine. But really, how safe is a generic version compared to the real thing? Isn't it all the same? I honestly can't say, but I tend to stay away from diet pills in the first place. If I want to lose weight, I eat right and I get out and walk for exercise. I'm not fond of popping any pills, even for a headache. And vitamins are a big issue with me too for the reason of most contain a binding agent that has a chemical in them. However, I must confess that lately I've been taking vitamins because I do need them.

All I can really say is watch what you take because not all diet pills are safe. And even if they are safe, not all of them work! Waste your money on real results, not phony promises.