June 1, 2010

That's Life!

Life has been busy lately and it’s going to get even busier it seems. I am back to looking for more work since one of my biggest clients is no longer able to afford to keep me. I wish him well in the future with his business and hope he makes it to the top!

In the mean time, I’ll be checking with local businesses in our small town and trying to increase my writing experience online with more clients since my income is almost the sole source behind our living expenses. And unfortunately as far as living expenses goes, there is no cutting corners because there are no corners to cut. We’re already doing bare minimums and aside from the internet which I use mostly for work, have no entertainment. There are no cell phone or phone bills to cut, no cable bills to drop and no little extras we can skip. So it will be very stressful until I can find something to bring in income once again. Wish me luck!

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