June 11, 2010

If It's Worth it

Some cheap auto insurance may be worth it if you need full coverage. But lately many people have resorted to straight liability since it saves a ton of money, especially when you own an older vehicle like my husband and I do.

Currently we have 3 vehicles, but one is not covered by insurance since it's tagged as off-road. Then there's the husband's truck that does run and my van. If it ever came down to having to sell one of the vehicles I'm pretty sure the van would be the first to go, even though the truck won't hold our entire family. My husband can be pretty stubborn headed at times and to him a truck is a must have to haul his fishing and camping gear, even if it means there's just not enough room for everyone to ride in it. And the third vehicle is a family heirloom, which I must agree should stay that way. So if that time ever comes we may very well end up walking to wherever we need to go!