June 1, 2010

The College

Shelly had been thinking about going back to school for a while now. Jill had recently told her about http://www.bestonlinedegrees.org since she’d decided she didn’t want to go to her local college. She was always busy it seemed and never really had time to leave the house to even manage a trip to the grocery, so trying to attend local classes was definitely out of the question.

But to Shelly’s surprise after she’d visited the website link, her local college had bombarded her with emails and phone calls almost immediately. After she’d deleted the last email from the college and let the answering machine take the next call from the director of the school, Shelly sent an IM to Jill asking her if she’d experienced the same problem.

“No and that’s weird.” Jill typed back to her.
“Have you tried to contact the school board about the problem?”
“Yes. They haven’t returned my calls.”
“Hmm. IDK then. If they start calling or emailing me, I’ll let you know.”

After logging off her computer, Shelly replayed the last three messages left by the school. Jill was right. It was definitely a weird situation and one she decided was just best to ignore. But the calls kept coming and there were so many emails that she had to close her email account. Then she decided to change her phone number. It worked for a few days until early one morning she was awoken by the voice of the school director.

“Miss Lange, we understand you’re interested in obtaining a degree from our college.” “It’s 4am! And no I’m looking at a website for a degree on the internet. Goodbye!” “Wait.-” She wasn’t about to listen to what he had to say and slammed the phone into the cradle. This was ridiculous and that damn school had just taken matters to a whole other level! But it was one she would handle later that day she decided as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Then came the knock at the door.

Sitting up with a grumble, Shelly stumbled out of bed as the knocking continued. “I’m coming! Hold on!” But as she crossed the living room to the front door, she suddenly had an eerie feeling and hesitated for a brief moment before she brushed off the feeling an opened the door.

Shelly stared in awe at the man standing before her as he smiled and said, “Miss Lange, we understand you’re interested in obtaining a degree from our college.”