June 1, 2010

The Change

Katie stared at the newspaper ad quoting the "best diet pills for women". It didn’t take a genius to know that most of these ads were nothing but a load of bull. So why was it that she was seriously considering checking out their website link.

It really wasn’t because she’d had a change of heart in the dieting industry, no. It was because here lately her husband was always commenting on her appearance and how fat she’d become. When they’d first met 11 years ago, he’d been proud to show her off and constantly told her how beautiful her size 2 body was. Now, after children and stress had taken it’s toll, that size 2 had turned into a size 6 and she was constantly reminded of how much of an embarrassment she really was.

“You’re fat. You need to stop eating so damn much.” He reminded her anytime she went near the kitchen. So she rarely ate and when she did, she managed to keep her daily meal to a sandwich, sometimes less. But, lately her husband had been eying other women. Women who were skinner and younger than she was. And lately he’d been gone a lot for business, even when the office was closed.

Now the diet pills were a real temptation she realized as she typed the website address into her browser’s URL. But before the web page could load, she closed it out with one simple click at the sudden realization of what she was about to do. The was insane!

It had been 11 long years. Why was her husband constantly complaining about her when he needed to take a good look in the mirror at his own image. He certainly wasn’t the buff ball player she once knew. No. he was extremely overweight, more so than herself and balding! And with that last thought she had a good long laugh and found herself typing in a search for divorce lawyers. Yes, it was long overdue and time.