June 9, 2010

The Briefcases

The briefcases would bring a fetching price so as long as the company was willing to pay that price. He followed the swarm of people and made his way towards the airport entrance just as the company limo pulled up to the curb.

He watched the driver step out and open the back door as Shawn approached him with a nod. The driver stepped aside and gestured for him to enter the back seat, then as Shawn did, he saw that the company had sent a woman to negotiate the deal.

A smirk formed across his face as he faced the woman before him and extended his hand for her to shake. This would be all too easy he realized, but instead of the response he thought he’d get the woman studied him as if he were being examined by a doctor and then waved her hand at the driver as he pulled the limo away from the curb.

Shawn cleared his throat, gestured at the two briefcases and spoke. “As you know, the contents of these are very valuable to your company.”
“Yes. I’m well aware of that Mr. Sharmire.”
“So I’d like to make a deal, say 10 million for each?”

The woman hesitated at his offer and then let out a heavy sigh. “Mr. Sharmire. I’m not sure what gave you the impression there would be any deal.”
“Well since I have the briefcases and you do not, I believe I have the upper hand in this negotiation.” Shawn said as he revealed the handcuffs he had attached to himself and to each of the briefcases.

He watched as the woman shook her head then waved a hand at the driver once more who in response slowly pulled the limo to a stop. “You simply don’t understand. It’s not the briefcases that we want. It’s you.”