May 1, 2010

Thursday's Farmer's Market

I'm a big fan of visiting our local farmer's market here in Independence, KS for produce and other products verses wal-mart. I know it goes right back into the community 100% and its grown locally.

Now generally I've loved every product I've purchased from our local farmers here in Independence, Kansas. But last week I bought some salsa that I discovered was loaded with sugar! It was enough that even the spouse was gagging. So I figured, okay we'll just avoid buying salsa from that farmer.

Then, I tried the bar of beauty soap I bought from that same farmer. It not only left a sticky wax residue, it was like washing down with a candle. And if I put a wick in the sucker I'm betting I could burn it as a candle!

So now, the bad news is, the hubby bought jalapenos from that very same farmer. I'm suddenly wondering if they're going to be a waste of money as well. Now I do have to give that farmer credit, we've bought honey from him more than once in the past and it was awesome. So at least he'll make some money from us there, but as far as the rest of the stuff. Well.... It just isn't worth it.

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