May 29, 2010

My Mother Never Used a Potato Peeler

Growing up I'd always watched my mother peel the skin of potatoes with a paring knife. And even when my aunt suggested she use a potato peeler, she never would. Her reasoning was she's set in her ways and has been use to using a paring knife all her life.

I never understood why she wouldn't want to use a vegetable peeler to make her life a little easier and maybe I never will, but as the years went by I realized there's some logic to her reasoning. For instance, when it comes to less of an accumulation of stuff, we have quite a bit! I realized yesterday as I was digging through all of the knives in my drawer just for the vegetable peeler, it was causing nothing but frustration to be digging through so much stuff just to find the damn thing.

And then it dawned on me as I was doing dishes that it seemed like I was always washing dishes and loads of them. The 50 or so plates, knives, cups, spoons, forks, and other accumulated junk that we have back as extras when we're too damn lazy to wash a dish.

But then I realized something else. Not only is it a huge frustration, it's also a waste of water, dish soap, time and money! Plus it's an eyesore seeing so much crap crammed into my cabinets, when that simple paring knife theory my mother still refuses to change to this day, works just as well. Our generation today just has too much junk!!!

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