May 20, 2010

I am Really Excited About an Upcoming Opportunity

Not too long ago I was asked to review a product of my choice for CSN, which is going to be a fantastic opportunity, I believe! More details on that coming soon! And wow, CSN stores carry a lot of things and I mean a lot! They have everything from Home Improvement, to Decorating, Kids stuff, Office stuff, Outdoor items, heck they even carry home furnishings for improving your home including a bathroom vanity, or two or three. Well, you get my meaning.

So what am I going to be reviewing? Well, I'm still trying to decide what I want to review. I mean there are so many wonderful products to choose from with CSN! Over 200 stores to be exact and they have free shipping and handling on so many of their products! But, you know me. I'm extremely picky and will be weighing my options carefully. Still, it will obviously be a great item that will be a big improvement around here! But I am really considering a nice pair of boots. Hmmm.