May 16, 2010

All Men Are Not Created Equal

I use to believe that all men in general are just typical jerks. I've never known a man not to be self-centered and not be all about him 99 percent of the time. I saw that guys weren't into holidays or spur of the moment things or getting out and spending time with their girls. And I saw that guys looked the other way at another woman when they thought their girl wasn't looking or just bluntly flirt with another girl right in front of their girlfriend, or wife. I even saw that they go out with their girl, but when it came to showing their emotions towards that girl just slightly even, it all just went straight out the window.

But today I realized that not all guys are jerks. There are truly some guys still left in this world who care what happens to their girl and who want to be around them. Who want to let the world know that, hey, I'm with her and it's the greatest thing in the world.

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