April 16, 2010

What I'm About to do

A while back I was flipping through a magazine that I subscribe to, when I saw they were holding a contest for writing. It's been a very long time since I've entered a writing contest, so I decided now is the time. Below is the story I'm going to submit to them. I'll probably touch it up before I submit it, but this gives you an idea.

Heaven and Jade

The weight-loss pills were shoved back in the corner of the medicine cabinet. He stared at it for a brief moment and then reached for the bottle with a shaky hand. These will help me lose weight. He thought to himself.

He had been overweight since he was 8 years old. His mother would always give him sweets when all he really needed was a comforting hug or a pat on the back to show her support. He tried once to tell her that he didn't need the chocolate cake or cream-filled doughnuts, but she'd insist and nag him to eat, eat, eat. So he did and now he weighed almost 400 pounds.

Girls refused to look his way and job offers were rare. Sure he could work in fast food and he'd done that once, until the manager found out he was eating the profits and fired him. But really jobs did not matter because the Internet was a wonderful place for working and talking to people.

He smiled at those words. Jade was the love of his life, even though she didn't know it. He always looked forward to her chats every Friday when she came online and recently he realized something more. He was in love with her.

He met Jade in a local single's chat room. She was smart, funny and beautiful. They became fast friends and extended their conversation online on messenger. Then one day she sent him a photo of herself and he'd instantly fallen madly in love with her green eyes and jet black hair.

Jade was his soul mate. He knew that. But there was one little problem. When she'd asked for a picture of him, he'd sent her a picture of his cousin Joe. Joe was skinny and athletic. Joe was everything that he was not and he knew that if he'd sent a picture of himself she would be gone from his life forever. He thought thought his cousin's picture would be enough. That a simple picture would be all she would need to love him back.

But last night she'd come online excited. She'd confessed to him that she was in love. When he asked her who it was, she'd ignored his question and just said, he was handsome, funny and had a smile that would melt any girl's heart. She said she'd seem him at the grocery store but had been afraid to approach him for fear of being rejected. He'd frowned at that. How could any man reject her?

She talked about him for hours and with each kind and loving word, his heart shattered. And before they'd said their goodbyes, she'd mentioned that she was going to go back to that grocery store and find him again and she would keep going until she found him, he'd cried.

So today he would change his life. He would drop the weight and be the man she'd love for the rest of her life. Today he would become a changed man forever. He thought as he opened the bottle of diet pills and swallowed a pill. He would go to that grocery store and he would find her, even if it took forever. Then he would walk right up to her and kiss her without hesitation, without fear, without regret. To hell with this guy she was in love with. He was hers and he would show her with a kiss.


Jade took a deep breath and entered the store. He had to be here, he just had to. It'd been almost a week since she'd first seen him. She lived across the street from the store, so it was easy enough to see him from her apartment. But today she'd had an appointment and had to leave the house. So she'd missed being able to watch the store's front doors as people came in and out.

So instead she'd decided to go to the store and see if he was there. He had to be this time. Everyone needed food, right? And this was the only grocery store in town. She scanned the store and started to wander down one of the isles when she spotted him out of the corner of her eye.

Her knees suddenly became weak. What if he didn't like her, what if she wasn't his type? It was now or never. If she didn't approach him she knew she would regret it for the rest of her life. She took two steps and then realized he had spotted her. Oh God. He was going to hate her. She just knew it. He'd probably seen her staring and was going to give her a piece of his mind or run the other direction.

She looked down and the floor and felt the tear drops fall from her face. Her knees began to buckle and she could feel herself falling until sudden strong hands stopped her. She looked up and saw him smile. "Are you alright?" He asked her. Oh God. His voice was gorgeous. Everything about him was gorgeous. And then there was that smile again. "Yes." She whispered. She was going to die just from his smile and before she even knew his name. She just knew it. "Good." He said his face leaning closer to hers. She sighed and closed her eyes. It was a dream come true. And then she felt his lips kissing hers and she knew she'd died and was in heaven. She'd found the man of her dreams and he'd found her.

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at silent_beautie@yahoo.com She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter and you visit her official website at www.theinsanewriter.com.

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