April 15, 2010

Damn Deer

Most people already know that my night vision isn't the greatest. So it kind of amazes me that I still manage to drive to and from karaoke because of it. Another thing most people know is that one of the local streets that is by my house is notorious for deer due to it being so close to the dam. And a combination of the two as I learned last night is not a good thing. Although the damage wasn't extreme, it was enough to cause the driver side door not to be able to open properly.

But what's really interesting is, there's a small eraser size hole that looks like it was punctured then popped out as well. Something a deer would not make. Hmmm. I'm kinda wondering if my van was vandalized while I was at karaoke last night. it wouldn't surprise me and there have been numerous vandalized vehicles in the area lately.

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