March 24, 2010


Monday I decided I needed to start doing some form of exercise again and since I am a big fan of walking, I started doing that. Monday wasn't such a big deal since I really only walked a few times around the park, but yesterday I decided to push myself a little too hard and walk downtown.

I'd gotten no more than 3 blocks when the back of my calves really started burning to the point I could barely walk. By the time I got a block away from my targeted destination I was sitting down for a few minutes to relieve the pain.

Sitting worked fine for a few, but then after the next block my calves were burning and in pain again until I was able to sit down for about 10 minutes. Then on my way back home everything was fine. No more pain except for a blister on the bottom of my foot that has now went away.

In fact, I figured I would be in a lot of pain from pushing myself yesterday, but nope. Just goes to show how long it's been since I've really did any serious walking. I'd planned on walking again today, but ugggghhh the weather is wet and cold.

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