March 24, 2010

Tea Verses Coffee

So when I was asked to make coffee this morning, I made enough for just one cup for the other half. And when he looked at me like I was going out of my mind when he asked where's your cup, and I said "I don't want coffee, I'm having tea." it was actually an awesome feeling.

Okay, so now you may be wondering if I've really gone insane, but I discovered a long time ago that I have a sensitivity when it comes to caffeine. And I played with the idea of just buying decaffeinated for myself, but that was shot out of the water by a "Ohh Hell No!" from the other half (I guess the thought of confusing the coffee with his or running the stuff through his coffee pot had him wigging out), so I'm sticking with herbal teas. And aside from the enjoyment of a flavored cappucino once in a while at my favorite local coffee shop I can handle my love for teas, thank you very much!

Hey my day is perking up already! Bring it on baby! Bring it on!

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