February 16, 2010

Moving On

Sometimes life can be about pain and sometimes it can be about ignorance. Either way, someone is bound to get hurt. And there will be a few of us who will do something about it and those who won't be able to afford to or will choose not to for whatever tortured reason.

For those who decide to choose to move on from the past they may opt for something like acne scar removal or simply cover it up with cosmetic makeup. And while I have been blessed with not having major acne, I remember a family member of my cousin's who did have a very bad case of acne, that it left very deep scars all over his face.

I have not seen him in years, but I often wonder, did he move on? Or is he still in the past fearing the worst from society's unforgiving stares and words. I hope he was able to move on.