February 20, 2010

A Moment to Cherish

For the most part when I check my email, I find I have tons of forwards and subscriptions to blogs and sites I enjoy visiting. And sometimes I'll even see bill notices when they're near their due date. It's your general stuff you see everyday that can sometimes be ho hum.

But today, I found an email that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was from the brother of Raelynn Ives, a young lady who left this world in 2006 that I wrote a post on titled, In Memory Of... He had thanked me for writing the post.

Of course I can't say much since I only posted a few words and added a slideshow of her memory, but I am honored that my simple post touched him in some way. I did not know RaeLynn, but for some reason I found myself drawn to her photos and her slideshow made me cry. I still cannot view her slideshow without wishing I had known her in some way or wishing she was still here.

So yes, I am very honored to have her slideshow on my blog and I am very honored to to have touched her family in some way. It's moments like these I will cherish forever. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to keep RaeLynn's memories alive! Of course, I know no matter what she will never be forgotten because she is and always will be loved.