February 20, 2010

"I'm so sorry!" The sales clerk said.

"You're Sorry? You're sorry! Have you seen my face?" The young gentleman asked. The sales clerk nodded in embarrassment. He'd stuck out like a sore thumb when he'd first walked into the department store, his face covered in what looked like an allergic reaction to something.

"It was your dang pillow!" he said shoving an overstuffed pillow that was certainly not theirs her way.

"I'm sorry, but this umm isn't ours." She pushed the pillow back at him and prayed he would still remain calm while she tried to defuse the situation as best as she could.

He looked at the pillow for a moment and then looked up at her in anger. "How do you know it's not?" He asked her.

"Well, ours are special. They help prevent the growth of germs that can cause colds and the flu. They help minimize moisture that can cause dangerous molds and they are allergen-free." she explained.

"And you think I'm going to believe that?" He asked her. She raised her hand to give them just a moment signal, then quickly stepped behind the counter and revealed a pillow that was made of 300TC cotton fabric.

Then she gestured for the man to come forward and although for a brief moment he found himself hesitating, he did so only to be met with the slap of the pillow she was holding directly to his face.At first the gentleman was stunned, then angry until he suddenly realized the he had been experiencing on his face was suddenly gone itching and she was shoving a mirror his way.

He looked in awe as the rash seemed to simply vanish and as he did so he heard her say, "So sir, as I said I'm very sure that wasn't our pillow."

And with that he replied, "Yes, I believe you're right and I'll take two of your free from allergy pillows, thank you!"

"Will that be cash or credit card, sir?" The sales clerk asked with a smile.