February 1, 2010

Frugal? Really? I Don't Think So!

I was browsing different blogs looking for a new read from other frugal moms trying to save money and I was extremely disappointed. Boy, was I ever!

One blog that I ran across (I won't go naming names because I do have respect for privacy), but I'm wondering... If you're looking for a way to save money, why is weekly alcoholic drinks and sodas on your list of must haves?

I understand everyone needs a splurge now and then, but there's $20 a week right down the drain and sometimes more if you're a hardcore liquor lover. Not to mention how unhealthy it is for you.

Now here's the scariest part. another blog I ran across included having their nails done once a week. Hmmm. When you're on a tight budget and barely scrimping by why do people put beauty before food. Or why do they put specialty drinks that offer no nutrition whatsoever before food?

Is it an addiction maybe? And then the scariest thing of all. I took a good look at our own frugal living. Really, since when did coffee become a necessity? Or cigarettes? They're certainly not a necessity. They are however addictions that we could probably live without. Same thing with the teas.

I guess for the most part I'm thankful that 99% of the time out coffee and tea habit is paid for by someone else, but the rest of it. Errrrr. We'll just not go there.