February 20, 2010

A Forgotten Dream

I have a tendency of writing down my dreams for a very good reason. Because for many of them, if I don't I tend to forget about them after a while. Here's one of those dreams that I have actually forgotten about. The details are sketchy and it's been done over and over as a storyline, so who knows where this piece will end up.

dream into story possibility

Robbers visit couple's home (girlfriend and boyfriend). They hold girl at gunpoint and tell guy he must go to their bank account and give them all of the money or girl dies. He goes to bank and withdraws money. They bring him back to the house. When he asks them to set her free they refuse to let go of either one of them and shove her towards him. She is crying and worried. He holds her and tells her everything will be ok. The guy has should length curly black hair that is partially pulled back into a ponytail. He workouts and wears a white tank top, blue jeans and black biker boots.

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