February 20, 2010

Fooling Around With Story Ideas

Here's a story idea I'm fooling around with. Yes, I always have to add music to scenes when I'm working. It makes the story come to life.

Another scene - Song "In the arms of an Angel." by Sara Maclahlin. (twin sister)Katie is seen placing a rose on Keith's grave. There's a few moments of silence and then she walks away forever. End of novel. Side note: Keith and Katie and twins.

The killing of Keith by Katie - Katie raises weapon at him as the song "Tristania" plays by Nightwish the very beginning of the song. She hesitates and an evil grin crawls across Keith's face. There are flashbacks of all of his killings right before he dies (song playing, "Tristania" by Nightwish middle of song to end.) Then she kills him. Then there are sirens in the background as she drops the weapons with a blank look on her face then tears in her eyes. Then there is the final scene at the graveyard where she lays the rose on his grave.

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