February 3, 2010

The Difficulty With Writing Sometimes

Being a freelance writer sometimes takes its toll, especially when you work from home. And while some parents have their very own private office at home to hide away from the rest of the world and family during work, I don't have that luxury.

And while some parents can simply whisk away their laptop and run off to the library or another quiet spot to concentrate on work, I can't. So when the subject came up of my family having a choice between an xbox 360 and another gaming system, I cringed.

Now many of you might assume it was more so because of the splurge, but in all reality it wasn't. The deal was a big one and an opportunity that couldn't be passed up by the family who has been wanting a new system for a few years now.

My cringing was over the fact that my makeshift office area is housed right next to the living room and it's an open floor plan -meaning there are no walls in between us. So was my cringing for a very good reason? Yes.

Instead of usual movie time which I can handle by slipping on a set of headphones and turning on some music, video games are being played constantly (and not by the kids mind you) until the wee hours of the morning. And along with that video game play is the constant scream and yelling at the game and the game players themselves (again not by the kids).

So work lately has been extremely difficult and so has trying to get to sleep. And of course I've tried to better the situation, but for now the video gaming system remains constant along with the yelling and screaming. Better luck for my writing in the near future I hope.