February 20, 2010

An Answer To My Questions -5

It's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you've been keeping track, I've been doing this thing that I've titled, An Answer to my Questions, I'm answering a list of questions from the book Time Management For the Creative Person by Lee Silber.

So here's the next question:

Is There Anything, Anybody You Would Secretly Love To Be? I really have to say yes to Angelina Jolie. Why would I foolishly want to do that you may be wondering? Well, it certainly has nothing to do with Brad Pitt! Nope! No Really!

I'm just fond of her because of all that's she's done! She has kids and had them way before Brad, She's an actress and has worked with many organizations and can look good in no matter what she wears with or without makeup. And I gotta say Susan Sarandon is another I'd secretly love to be! Both women are so powerful and have boldly gone where every woman should be!

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