January 1, 2010

What About This Year?

What are your New Year Resolutions and why aren't you doing them right now? It's a question a lot of people have been asking lately. So what's with that really? Do they have an idea that we just can't comprehend or don't want to believe in because we simply lack the ambitions to carry out our New Years resolutions, or have they simply gone insane in thinking that we'll ever change our ways?

Personally, I vote for the fact that they've simply gone insane because we really won't change our ways. I mean why should we? Why should we set goals that we know damn well we'll never accomplish because there will always be one excuse after another on why we can't. And besides, why should we care what others think when we don't care ourselves. I mean we already know those rooting for us will sooner or later just let us down, right?

Of course these are all excuses and we know it. In reality it's not others who are letting us down, but ourselves. We are the only ones who can push forward when the going gets tough. We are the only ones who can root for ourselves when we need the encouragement to keep going.

Sure we can relish in the encouragement we get from others, but in the end it will all come down to us. We control our own lives, not others. We control our own destiny, not some higher power. We control our future, not some psychic. We control who are are, not who everyone else wants us to be. Let's make this the best year ever and kick some butt while we're doing it.