January 16, 2010

A Vacation Just Isn't a Vacation Without a Nice Hotel

A while back I wrote an article about Panama City Beach, Florida. And while it's not one of my favorite cities in Florida that I'm interested in visiting, it does have its appeal and charm. However, I was never really certain about the panama city beach motels until now. I hadn't really done any research on them because I never really thought about how important a hotel can be when it comes to a vacation until now.

I mean seriously, who wants to stay at some hotel whose service sucks or where the rooms have a problem. When you are trying to relax, it should be all about relaxing. You should not have to stress over a shower that doesn't work, a housekeeper that never shows up or a roach crawling across the bathroom sink(believe me I've stayed in a hotel that had that problem). So I think in future articles that I write about places to vacation, I think I will start including some hotel options.