January 22, 2010

Twilight Crossings II

I tend to read a lot of books and for those who know me, they can often find me at our local Independence Public Library which I consider my second home. Here's a simple review of a book I read a while back.

Please note: As quoted by Author Shannah Biondine - BTW, Praxis is a human woman of a caste known as "Badgers" because they lived underground and dug in the earth mining, sort of like the burrowing animals...just in case that wasn't entirely clear.

Thank you Shannah for the correction!

Twilight Crossings II

By Sheri L. McGathy, Shannah Biondine, Jeanne Allen and Jeanine Berry

Twilight Crossings II contains four unbelievable stories of romance and fantasy by four unbelievable authors.

Seekers. That's what Tanner and her brother Conn are and when a client called Faylon wants them to take him to the lost city of Sha-da-nay, Tanner's first thought is to turn him down until he makes them an offer she cannot refuse. However there is one problem, Faylon's slave, Manny. At first glance Manny is less than perfect in beauty, yet Tanner finds there is something about Manny that she can't quite put her finger on. Soon the two become very close and Tanner learns he is far from what he seems as she faces her greatest fears and finds that true beauty lies within the heart.

Sheri L McGathy's Where Lies Beauty takes readers on a magical journey where everything is not what it seems all the while reminding them that true beauty comes from deep inside.

Zavend and Sheriff Iskadorich need the help of Praxis, a local hero and renowned griffon rider. However they are in awe to discover Praxis is a female badger and former slave who cannot see in the daylight. Doubtful of Praxis's abilities, Zavend constantly questions her actions as they go in quest of a stolen amulet and murderer. Soon however they learn there is more to the quest than what it seems as well as one another.

Mourn a Moonreft Sky by Shannah Biondine leaves readers with twists and turns around every corner. However while the story does leave most of our questions answered, readers are left wondering what will happen next in the end. Perhaps there will be a sequel to this story?

A slave to the evil Lord Demor, Caireya is put to the task of finding magical items with her unique powers in a city known as Maricor, once home to the mage-king Lohar. Fascinated by Lohar, Caireya is surprised to see the wizard in her scryer bowl and then as a simulacrum that only she can speak to. Now Demor wants the wand of Lohar and Caireya must decide whether to give in to her master's demands and destroy humanity or risk her life as well as those she loves in order to stop the evil Lord's plans to rule the world.

Author Jeanine Berry weaves a tale of powerful magic in The Well of Forever. Readers will find this story as enchanting as it is magical all the way until the very end.

Eirena, high priestess of the temple and her people were not prepared when Valgard and his warriors attack their peaceful island. The goddess Solone had always protected them, but now they are vulnerable to the warriors' ways and Eirena will do anything to protect the temple. Valgard has only on thing on his mind though as he learns the island holds treasures beyond his wildest dreams and will stop at nothing to get to those riches, until Eirena shows him a treasure more valuable than anything he has ever known. But his newphew Jayr, has other things in mind and will make a decision that could effect Eirena and the lives of her people forever.

The Treasure of Arvalis brings readers into a world of peace that is suddenly disrupted by violence as author Jeanne Allen shows us that in the end love really can conquer all.

Four stories, four authors, four times the fantasy and romance. What more can I say?

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