January 28, 2010

Some Changes in Life

Over the past few days I've managed to start taking better care of myself when it comes to eating and exercise. I started making healthy smoothies for breakfast (I've been using the yoplait smoothie mix and my new blender!) and I've been checking out various exercise videos online.

However, today I didn't do either. Instead I overslept, skipped breakfast and skipped my workout. I wasn't really busy either, that was the sad part of it. It was because my husband was home. He's not fond of smoothies (not that I'm asking him to drink any of them) and he most certainly told me, Hell, No when I mentioned getting tofu for my smoothies today.lol So I fear he'll laugh and grumble about my workout adventure as well.

I guess he's in somewhat of a cranky mood because he's actually talking about giving up smoking. I think the earth stood still when he announced that.

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