January 20, 2010

The Sequel to The Generation

I'm doing something I really shouldn't. I'm giving you a sneak peek at the sequel to the sci-fi novel, The Generation. It's funny because before I've even wrapped up The Generation, I'm already working on the second part.

A bolt of lightening lit up the sky, followed by a crash of thunder, and
she knew a serious storm was brewing. It wasn't long before she felt the
heavy fat drops of rain, and then the strong burst of wind nearly
knocking her over. Sara squinted through the rain, her vision blurred,
hoping the road wasn't far. Another streak of lightening lit up the sky too close for comfort.

Sara suddenly found herself running through the rain. She screamed in fear as the ground gave way underneath, a cold rush surrounding her, followed by total darkness. She was sliding down further into the darkness, her hands grasping at the crumbling dirt that surrounded her.

As if by luck and mother nature's blessing, she found the protruding root of a tree in her grasp, and for one brief moment, everything was still. She knew the root wouldn't hold for long, and as the root finally broke free from the earth, she felt her grip slipping further down and screamed.The ground crumbled all around her,
it's soil turning to muck from the drenching rain above. Oh god, she was
going to die!

She closed her eyes and prayed her death would be quick and painless, and that was when she heard it. "Take my hand!"

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