January 22, 2010

Karen Kay

One of my absolute favorite Native American romance authors is Karen Kay. And one of my favorite novels from her is War Cloud's Passion. Several years ago I had the honor of actually talking with Karen and review her novel, The Princess and the Wolf, before it even went to print. It was funny because my kids' dad was jumping up and down shouting and screaming from excitement that I was reviewing a very popular author.lol I thought I would share my review with you of that novel.

The Princess and the Wolf

By Karen Kay

Deceived by a man she once loved, Princess Sierra must now seek out that same man in order to find a missing husband she has never loved, in a land she's never been to.

Betrayed by the woman he has never stopped loving, High Wolf needed no reminder of his painful past and refuses to give in to the Princess's demand and guide her.

Determined to find her missing husband and stop a war between their duchies, The Princess boards a ship and goes on without High Wolf even though he is never far behind.

Then without sudden warning a fire breaks out on the ship and High Wolf risks his own life to save her.

Alone and surrounded by enemies High Wolf will stop at nothing to keep Princess Sierra safe, even if it means sending her away. Yet with every single moment that passes them by, he finds a love that has never died and a need to call her his own.

The Princess and the Wolf gives readers a new thrill in Native American Romance, taking one Princess and a Cheyenne brave, and turning what is forbidden into a fiery passion that was meant to be.

The characters are solid and each original in their own ways, bringing the story to life.

Karen Kay's The Princess and the Wolf is as sensational as it is fiery and will leave readers yearning for more.

-Shyan Marie (shyanmarie@writersandreadersnetwork.com)

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