January 20, 2010

I Had a Dream

I had a dream last week and after much thought, I decided to turn it into a story. It's really how many of my story ideas and when I share them with the world, many people are amazed to learn how detailed my dreams can be. Here's a sampling of the dream I had:

The dream I had consisted of two guys and a girl. To keep from getting confused I’ll just name them Jon, Keith and Angie. There is this house that is supposed to be haunted, but it’s more than haunted. The trio decide to check out the house because Keith’s sister went in the house and never came back out. Before they enter the house they’re told the only way back out is to find the key in Dick and Pistol in bucket. (Not real sure how this is going to work into a storyline.)

When they enter the house it’s very dark with a few dim lamps here and there. The house is full of stuff, many are antiques and it’s almost as if the place is a flea market. As they look around the living/dinging room, Angie finds the pistol in the bucket. It’s on the left side of the room on the floor just before the bedroom doorway. It’s a strange looking pistol almost as if it’s old.

Then it’s suddenly obvious that the trio are not alone as a woman comes up from behind them as if she’d followed them into the house. They realize it’s Keith sister and even though she seems well, Angie is a little leery of her suddenly just appearing out of nowhere, but keeps it to herself for now.

Keith’s sister then says that she knows how what door they need to unlock to get out of the house, but she doesn’t know where the key is. She tells them it’s the side door which is located straight ahead. But, when they try the door thinking a key may not be necessary, it opens and in front of them is nothing more than a solid wall. They start to argue and soon realize that the house is slowly making them crazy.

It’s also then that Angie tells Keith about her suspicions about his sister and learns that Jon agrees. However, Keith is insistent that she’s fine and they should move on to find the key. However, Angie and Jon both agree amongst themselves that they need to find some more weapons just in case their suspicions are true. So they find large chiseling tools and follow Keith and his sister to find the key.

Keith’s sister begins to ramble on about the keys and suddenly disappears into the darkness and Angie grabs the pistol from Keith just as his sister reappears and starts towards asking over and over where is the key. Angie tries to fire the pistol, but it won’t fire.

Keith grabs the gun and aims the gun at his sister’s head and shoots her. She falls into him and everyone is silent for a moment until it dawns on Angie about the bedroom and she races towards the room and sees a closet overstuffed with clothing. In the closet is a creamed colored pair of men’s pants and thinking back to what they were told, she checks the pockets and finds a set of keys.

After finding the keys they head back into the living room/dining room and realize they have yet to find the door that is the way out. Jon mentions the side door again and seeing if they missed anything since there are really no other rooms in the house, not even a kitchen or bathroom. But as they near the door Jon suddenly stabs Angie with the chisel, realizes what he’s done and disappears. Angie is still alive however and when they try the door this time, it’s locked. When they unlock the door they find that the wall is no longer there and instead it’s another bedroom with a door and windows leading to outside. However, they’re also not alone in the room as they realize there is a teenage boy about 17 and a little girl who looks to be about 7, both dressed in 20’s period clothing and both very much ghosts.

When the two ghosts see Keith and Angie the teenage boy gets very excited and says, “You’re getting out, take us with you, please.” Keith tells them to follow, but suddenly the boy refuses until Angie asks them to come with them. He nods and takes his sister by the hand just as Keith opens the outside door. But there’s a very strong wind that tries to push them back into the house.

However, Keith pushes forward and once he finds himself halfway out the door, the wind pushes forward and he looses his balance, falling to the ground outside. The wind however is too strong for Angie, but as she struggles, Jon suddenly appears from behind her and shouts, “Get out! Get out! Now! Get out!” He then pushes her through the doorway and as she turns back she sees Jon is still in the house.

Then she sees the ghost siblings behind him and the doorway disappear and a wall reappear. She screams thinking Jon is still trapped in the house until she and Keith both see the sibling ghosts lift Jon in the air through the wall and set him on the ground.

After realizing they’re all out of the house, they start to move away from the house until Angie notices that there is now a window where the wall is and heads toward it with Keith running after her.

The window suddenly lights up and Angie notices a man in the window who she knows somehow, but is not sure why. The man in his late 20’s with dark wavy shoulder length hair and is wearing a top hat and a suit. He smiles at her and places his hand on the window.

She hesitantly, but soon places her hand to match above his on the window and they have an instant connection like they are soul mates from another life. It’s then that Keith interrupts her and asks her what she’s doing and that they need to get away from the house. “I -you don’t see him?” She says. “See who?” Keith asks. “Him.” She motions towards the window.

However, from Keith’s point of view there is nothing there and now he really begins to panic. “Come on. Let’s go.”

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