December 17, 2009

Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That. Just What the Heck is the Point of Twitter?

I've been hearing from family members lately asking me what's the point of twitter. Sure it's a quick way to let people know what you're up to, but they believe that beyond that, it's simply a waste of precious time.

Unfortunately I really have to argue with them and say, NO, NO, NO! Twitter is so much more than just a way to let others know what's new with you. It can allow you to:

  • promote your business
  • make money even if you don't have a business
  • know what's new with your favorite restaurant
  • find out the latest and best deals with your favorite store
  • keep up with your favorite celebrities

Okay so maybe keeping up with celebrities is a waste of But the rest is a goldmine! I mean basically Twitter is a moneymaker and saver and that's really awesome for this sappy economy! So if you want to know more about how I use Twitter, just follow my blog because I will be spilling the beans in future posts and I won't even ask you to pay me money for my information.LOL!