December 5, 2009

The Truth is

Many of the reviews/articles that I write to help companies out haven't been based on actual reviews lately. Instead, I've added a little story into the twist of things to give the company a fun edge rather than leave readers with a review or article that looks like a commercial. I mean seriously? How many of us sit through the commercial breaks during our favorite television shows or movies. I know I'm one that gets up and takes that break time to use the bathroom or get somethimg to drink. And of course now there's Tivo which allows you to fast forward through those commercial breaks!

Still, new rules and regulations are coming out where it seems like you must be truthful and positive about your reviews. No lying. I have to agree with that rule, actually. I won't lie about a product I've never used. If I'm interested in it, I will say so. If I've used it I will say so. But be positive about it when I hate that product? I don't think so! And for products I have no idea what they're like? I input them into stories and give those little unknown companies a chance, anyway. Everyone has to survive and make a living.

So now here I am once again with another review on adipex reviews and I'll tell you how I feel about diet pills.... It's good if you really need to lose weight, but in my opinion I do not believe that diet pills are the answer. And in some ways this website doesn't either. I say some because they approve of other diet pills.

And I'll tell you something else, the website link says that Adipex is FDA approved and the number one diet pill in america, yet they also say it's been sold under various names. Why disguise a diet pill if it really works? That would be a huge concern.

Here's another huge concern. Any chemical filled pill will always have side effects. This one includes shortness of breath, allergic reactions, extreme weight gain, swelling, chest pain, unusual thoughts or behavior, severe headaches, blurred vision, buzzing in your ears, uneven heartbeats, and seizures.

So there's the extreme weight gain issue. Hmm and they're supposed to help you lose weight? And then there's seizures and uneven heartbeats. Ohh and of course unusual behavior??? WOW. No thank you! I mean I know this world is insane enough as it is, but I don't want to see people eating dirt or wearing an ice cream cone for a hat.

Mother nature never intended for us to put harmful chemicals into our bodies, so why do it?